Is your Mobile App GDPR-Ready?
SafeDK helps you with your SDK-related GDPR Compliance


The Clock is Ticking for Mobile Apps! 

The EU GDPR will come into effect in MAY 2018, and noncompliant apps are at risk of getting extremely high fines and be banned from the app stores. 
Use SafeDK and Play it Safe!

 Understand which SDKs are accessing user data on your app

Enjoy granular control over permissions per SDK

 Get real-time alerts on personal data breaches

 Perform instant blocking of SDKs permissions, post breach detection




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67% of apps have at least one SDK trying to access private user data*

49% of mobile users have decided not to download an app due to privacy concerns**
* From SafeDK Aug 2017 Mobile SDKs Data Trends In the Android Market
** From a survey commissioned by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office 
About SafeDK
SafeDK is a complete mobile SDKs management platform, enabling app publishers to build better and safer apps. SafeDK covers the entire span of the app development process, from monitoring SDKs' privacy, stability and performance issues in real-time, to providing the full picture of the ads that users see in apps, including control over the SDKs' activity remotely.